Are you really ready to change?

tyrion-quote-1600Here’s the deal: I know you want to do great things. You know you want to do great things. So why aren’t you doing them? Probably you believe you will one day, and until that day comes it really won’t hurt if you watch back-to-back episodes of Dexter or Game of Thrones or maybe your thing is those high-brow documentaries on Netflix or funny YouTube videos or catching up on celebrity gossip. The reality is that your computer or tv is probably stealing your life. Maybe you are reading this right now instead of writing that book you want to write or learning the piano. Or maybe you don’t even know where your passion lies but you know you have some for something, somewhere. You are just waiting to be inspired. I read a great quote today by artist Chuck Close:

 “Inspiration is for amateurs; the rest of us just show up and get to work.”

And–guess what–that inspiration probably won’t come from just-one-more-episode of Entourage.

Don’t misunderstand me—I have been there. Dexter was a very close friend for quite a few months while I procrastinated launching this business. And–it took me many coaching programs, an MFA and lots of personal work before being clear that I wanted to start coaching. And then all the gremlins came up–you’ll learn how to clear them once we start working together.  Some of mine were:

I’m too old to start something totally new.

There are so many coaches.

But will I be any good at it?

Who am I to think I can actually have a successful entrepreneurial business?

How will I explain this to my family?

I should be happy with what I have since I have so much!

What if I fail ?

The truth was that I had been coaching my whole life. When I told close friends that I want to be a coach, they sort of giggled and said “Of course you do!” Still–because I wanted to make sure my clients got the best possible version of me as a coach–I went to coaching school, got certified and—here we are!

In addition to being a coach I am and have been a Creative Director and Art Director for some of the worlds biggest and most successful magazines, I guide the creativity of top designers, artists, photographers and illustrators and have done so for over 20 years. I still love what I do. For this reason, I can only take on a limited amount of clients.  I get the creative process and know that the best idea doesn’t always show up on demand. Yet, as men and women pursue a creative life, they are often quick to give up and believe that since the creative career, inspiration or life does not blossom into instant success or exactly what they pictured right away, they believe they have gone down the wrong track.

And they give up.

Don’t let that be you.

I have also seen men and women pick up a paint brush after 20 years, or start a band and feel satisfied and happy. I think the world is  better place with happier people, don’t you? Then there is the whole–you only live once thing that can feel quite daunting at times.

To help people decide if they want to work with me, I offer a complimentary get acquainted session to make sure we are the right fit before we can work together. Time is precious and I am not interested in wasting mine or yours. So if you want to check it out, drop your email in the box below.

Change is something we all think we want, but if you are really ready to get down and do the work, I believe we can accomplish great things together. I had a lot of help to get this business going. I think at one point I had two coaches AND a mastermind and friends who kept telling me to keep going. Support is essential.

I got my creative life back, so can you.

I hope this is the beginning of a very exciting period in your life. Change can be scary, but it is also fun and exciting. Hope to speak to you soon!!


**If you want to leave a comment please skip down to the next form below, the form directly under this is to set up a Get Acquainted Call. THANKS!!!


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