Are you really ready to change?

Blog post - Are you really ready to change

Here’s the deal: I know you want to do great things. You know you want to do great things. So why aren’t you doing them? Probably you believe you will one day, and until that day comes it really won’t hurt if you watch back-to-back episodes of Dexter or Game of Thrones or maybe your thing is those high-brow documentaries on Netflix or funny YouTube videos or catching up on celebrity gossip. The reality is that your computer or tv is probably stealing your life. Maybe you are reading this right now instead of writing that book you want to … Continue reading

BAM | Big Screen Epics

Blog post - Bam Big Screen Epics

BAM | Big Screen Epics. For inspiration, I love seeing old movies on the big screen. This month BAM in my hometown of Brooklyn, NY, is going to be seeing a lot of me:   2001: A Space Odyssey Jul 3-9 Lawrence of Arabia Jul 10-15 Doctor Zhivago Jul 11-14 And All Three Godfathers!! Jul 17-25 I love summer in the city–especially in an air conditioned movie theater! Happy 4th of July!

FOCUS: Is it all hocus pocus?


A CEO of a publishing company where I worked as a Creative Director once said at a company meeting, “whatever we focus on grows”. He urged us to track our successes and literally keep a running list. I remember thinking how refreshing it was for a corporate CEO to say this at the time because I understood that he wasn’t talking specifically about numbers or bottom lines (not that these things are not important) and I’m sure that for some he was. What I heard was the concept that I could control my thoughts, influence my day and ultimately change my … Continue reading