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I’ve been passed the writing torch, by the funny and talented Lisa L. Kirchner. Just click on her name right there and see her response to the blog tour Q & A. And now, here are mine:

What am I working on?

I am (still) working on a novel. Or should I say The Novel (more on that later). In the book, the protagonist is a teenage girl whose brother died in a drunk driving accident. She feels very much alone as her parents are also destroyed by this loss. As a way to cope, she morphs into her brothers life: she moves into his bedroom, cuts off her hair, and joins the boys wrestling team, of which her brother was a star athlete. I love this character and I want her to make it. I am at about 100 pages and will probably go to 200 with it.

I am also writing a book about creativity but it is still in its beginning stages. I’m not even sure I can commit to it being about creativity, so I’ll just stop there. More to come on that.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

For the novel, I guess it’s different in the story line. It seems to be a YA book and she won’t become a vampire, I promise. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.) She also won’t be busting through the barriers of a misanthropic futuristic society, just a present-day misogynist one, or not. It’s a book about loss and grief. These are two subjects that are very dear to my heart.

Why do I write what I write?

I am fascinated by life. The “why” behind our existence haunts me at times. And so, it follows, I am also intrigued by death. Is there an afterlife? Are we just filler for these human forms? Death looms for all of us and it’s amazing that we don’t talk about it more. I mean our time here is so limited, and I think I forget that on a daily basis. Life baffles me: the struggle, the drive. I have a lot of drive lately. I am sensing more and more that our time is limited. My time is limited. I treasure times with those I love. I also covet times of self-discovery. So why do I write? I guess to capture all that: Life, love, and death. Wow—that was sort of dramatic. I like it!

How does my writing process work?

I write something and then I rewrite it for, oh, ten years. That’s it in a nutshell. That’s why it’s called The Novel now. But—my blog is where I let myself go—freestyle. The critic goes to bed and the rest of us have a party. The blog has actually really helped me be less precious about my writing. I am grateful to have this venue.

..and that concludes my blog tour! I hope you had a giggle or two.

And I pass the torch to… 

First up: the brains and beauty of Cheryl S. Grant. Cheryl and I worked together at Family Circle. She has reported, written and researched stories for magazines and websites such as the Examiner, Glamour,, Vanity Fair, Vogue, W, InStyle, Family Circle, TDDiaries, USA Today, and MSN. She has covered numerous subjects, including tech, pop culture, gift guides, entertainment, family, psychology, fitness, nutrition, food, beauty, fashion, and how to live a green life. She has also appeared on BetterTV and Cafe Mom. You can read her posts here.

On the west coast, blogger, stylist and fashion-designer-entrepreneur the sweet Carlie Tracy (miss you Carlie!). As an avid reader, Carlie Tracey, always wrote stories in her head and is now putting pen to the paper. As a costumer for television, Carlie brings characters to life with clothing. Carlie enjoys the process of getting into the inner workings of the character, why they do what they do, think what they think, choose what they wear. Carlie writes about her inner process and the characters she meets through dating and life. And, also, not-dating . Check out Carlie’s posts here.

And finally the woman you call if you need help with your blog, Glad Doggett. She teaches a wonderful blogging course for entrepreneurs that teaches blogging newbies how to write their blogs and get more exposure. Glad is a copywriter and editor who specializes in developing creative marketing solutions for businesses that want promotion, prestige and positioning from their online content. In her blog, Glad writes about writing and her life and where the two intertwine. You can see her posts here.


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  1. Anyone who is ‘facinated by life’ is worth reading. I’m sure your novels will be gems.

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