What is Creative Energy?

Energy is everything. Energy is powerful. Energy cannot be destroyed, only transformed. It is what creates life and matter, and it can also, in the case of a bomb or a bullet, annihilate.

You are made up and by energy as well. You know how one person can light up a whole room, while another has the opposite affect and everyone feels a little worse, or uncomfortable? That ineffable quality that we notice, but barely, that is our energy. We are broadcasting our limiting beliefs or judgments whether we want to or not. On some level, most people really do know what you’re thinking, and visa versa.

In this model, energy is broken up into two categories, overall:
1) Anabolic (Creative) and 2) Catabolic (Destructive)

In science these terms are used to describe environments that promote growth (anabolic) or decay/death (catabolic).

We all operate with a certain amount of both catabolic and anabolic energy. Clearly, it is better to have more anabolic energy. There are times, however, when catabolic energy is appropriate and necessary. Generally speaking, if we approach life with a more catabolic (negative/destructive) attitude, we are less likely to feel growth and satisfaction than if we are addressing our challenges with a more anabolic (positive/receptive) approach.

Anabolic energy is Creative Energy.

When we talk about creativity we are talking about the energy to literally create something, to grow something. And in order for anything to grow and for it to grow well, there needs to be an anabolic environment. This includes your dream project, your creativity and even your relationships, professional and personal.

The environment I am most concerned with as your coach, is that of your head. If your head is a bad neighborhood, tells you terrible things bout yourself, like you’re not good enough or you can’t do it, then, please, please don’t go in there alone. If you’re thinking, what the hell, Karmen, what are you talking about, what I mean is this: Don’t seriously entertain any negative thoughts that leave you a total victim to them. If you’re still confused here is the simplest way I can put it: You reap what you sow.

But here’s the thing: We are often unaware that we are breeding negative thoughts and negative experiences until something really bad happens and we get smacked in the face by them. By owning your perceptions, stopping the blame-game and taking full responsibility for your life, you are taking a step forward to living your ultimate creative vision and maximize your creativity.

I know I was unaware of the energy I was broadcasting for years. When I started coaching school, I really thought I was energetically sound. Was I mistaken! That first year was rough. I didn’t get along with my boss, my job was in jeopardy and I had trouble getting up everyday. By taking 100% responsibility for my life, I was able to turn things around. That doesn’t mean I don’t have to have difficult conversations, I would say it’s quite the contrary. Except now when I have them, they are less of a big deal and it doesn’t affect my whole life. I am able to manage my life in a much easier way. As a result I feel more creative and fulfilled than ever. The pressure is off and I get to live and love it.

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Karmen Lizzul
President and Founder of Clear Creative Coaching

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